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Nationwide Carpet Cleaning Victoria - We provide Cleaning service for home and office, Carpet Cleaning, Area rug cleaning, Furniture Cleaning, and Area Rug Cleaning with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Book online or call 250-727-0777
At NationWide Carpet Cleaning Victoria we understand how hard you work to make your house a home, so we take your satisfaction in our services very seriously. That’s why we always back up our work with our Happiness Guarantee. If you have a problem with your carpet cleaning, we want to know. Give us the chance to fix it and if you are still not satisfied, we will refund your money.
When Victoria residents need carpet cleaning, they have dozens of choices. Most of these outfits place coupons in the free local advertiser magazines you'll find in supermarkets. Folks find these coupons enticing. The coupons usually offer an incredibly low price for what sounds like complete service, but when the truck arrives at your door, the tune changes.
Unless you've tried the coupon deal before, you probably won't expect the representative's aggressive attempt to upsell you into a higher price bracket, but let me assure you, the pitch is coming. This is what you may hear: "That price only covers traffic areas, and if you want the furniture moved you'll be looking at a little bit more money."
You can't blame a service for trying to maximize profits, but if you're like most Victoria families, you really just want expert carpet care for the whole house at a fair price. After all, you don't call a professional cleaning service unless you care about maintaining your entire home in top condition. That's just the level of carpet cleaning Victoria homeowners generally expect from a professional service.
If you have pets or smokers or a fireplace, just cleaning 80% of the floor surface won't make the whole house smell its cleanest. The carpeting in your home acts as a giant air filter, holding micro particles like smoke and pollen until it reaches its retention capacity. Hence, the very real problem of indoor air pollution can actually be minimized by properly maintained carpets.
Cleaning methods vary, but to get the most out of their carpet cleaning Victoria residents should plan to have the entire carpeted area serviced with a high temperature steam treatment followed by full extraction at least once per year. That kind of expert carpet care, performed with adequate frequency, will go a long way toward keeping the family healthy.
Now, with a title like 3 ways to extend the life of your carpet, I have little doubt that readers will be stumbling over themselves to click the button to read this article. Afterall who couldn't stand to extend the life of anything in their home, or really just about anything at all? Alright, so I know carpet cleaning may not be the most electric of topics, but it is still worthy of our attention. So, let's give it some attention by giving attention to your carpets. I hope that makes sense!
The first tip we are going to look at is age-old, and honestly one of my favourites!
Scheduling appointments can be difficult, which is why we work hard to make it easy for you. From your first call or email through to our departure from your home, you’ll see how our award-winning certified carpet cleaning technicians make your carpet cleaning experience a breeze.
Nationwide Carpet Cleaning Victoria knowledgable technicians help to restore and maintain the original beauty of your carpets with NationWide Carpet Cleaning’s fast drying multi-step Thermo-RinseTM truck-mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning system. We only use non-allergenic HomeSafeTM cleaning products, so you know your home, your family and your pets are safe with our carpet cleaning techniques. But we don’t stop there – we also offer off-site area rug cleaning. We will pick up and drop off your area rug for your convenience, fully cleaned and as good as new.
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